2nd Sunday:

  • Worship and Communion (Calvin Seminary) 10:00am – Dr. Laura
  • Devotion at Samaritas [Cathy Jo & Bob] – The Woods 2:30pm

5th Wednesday: Prayer Call at 7:00pm

7th Friday:  Men’s Breakfast Devotional at Bob Evans – 9:30am

6th Thursday: Bilyea’s Home at 1:00pm

9th Sunday: Worship (Calvin Seminary) 10:00am

15th Wednesday: Prayer Call at 7:00pm

16th Sunday: Worship and Sanctity of Life Sunday (Calvin Seminary) 10:00am; Devotional at Grand Village
[Barb] – 2:00pm

19th Wednesday Prayer Call at 7:00 PM

20th   Thursday: Bilyea’s Home Group at 1:00pm

23rd Sunday: Worship (Calvin Seminary) 10:00am; Devotional at Brook Crest [Joan] at 2:30pm

24th Monday: Newsletter deadline

26th Wednesday: Prayer Call at 7:00pm

28th Friday: Friday: Luncheon at Grand Traverse Pie Company at 1:00pm

30th Sunday:

  • Worship and State of the Church Address (Calvin Seminary) 10:00am
  • Annual Meeting of the Congregation after worship
  • Distribute Annual Report and 2022 Budget
  • Vote on Pastor’s Compensation package
  • Elect members-at-large to the Nominating Team (at least 3)

Preaching Schedule

Dr. Laura Smit – Jan. 2; Pastor Mike Baynai – All other Sundays