News for August 5 Service:

Pastor Mike will be in Mackinaw City this weekend filling the pulpit at our ECO sister church, Church of the Straits.

Their pastor, Rev. Dave Wallis, an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and pastor of the union church (ECO and United Methodist) Church of the Straits, will be in our pulpit this week Sunday. Pastor Dave will preach from Job 1:6-11 and Romans 5:1-5, “Don’t make me turn off my cruise control.” Dave says, “In essence, God disrupts our lives to keep us focused! I will develop that thought… Sometimes the devil plays a role in that too, but he wants to discourage us instead.” Please keep Pastor Dave in your prayers and plan to worship with him, Dr. Laura and the rest of the family at GSPC this week Sunday morning at 10:00am. 

In other news this week at GSPC:

·       Wednesday – softball game at 8:30pm (diamond 6)

·       Sunday: Communion

·       There will be no meetings after church and no Sunday service at Samaritas this week.

In January we will be supporting the Pregnancy Resource Center with the noisy offering. Please see a recent video here:

<p><a href=”″>Alexandria’s Three-Minute Story</a> from <a href=”″>PRC GrandRapids</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Member News:

  • Al Schumacher fell while leaving the dentist office earlier this week. He was examined at St. Mary’s and is now at Spectrum Kalamazoo. This week Wednesday he will be transferred back to St. Mary’s where he will have surgery for a broken arm. Other wise he is okay (very sore). Currently, he happened to be in the room right next door to Norma VandenBroek. Our brother Al is in rehab recovering from surgery after his recent fall, and is doing as well as one could hope. We look forward to having him back in church with all of his broken bits and pieces put back together again.
  •  Marsha Hammer is not responding to much and has been in this condition for more than a week. Ron gave permission for the hospital to insert a feeding tub into her stomach. The doctors are trying to get Marsha to “wake up”. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

Prayer requests:

MARSHA (AND RON) HAMMER – Prayers for healing.


REV. SAMUEL EZUA – Prayers for success with ministry in the Congo.

TRENT HARMON (John & Lorraine Kapeller’s son-in-law) – Total recovery from med side effects.

SARAH (Eileen Davis’s niece & family) – Pray for God’s intervention, protection, and leading.

PETER SORENSON (Vi Squires’ nephew) – Prayers for healing.

ANGIE WILEY – Praise that she is at home recovering.

WESTON RICKERT (Jim & Phyllis Miller’s great grandson) – Prayers for perfect health.

BARB Bailey – Healing from a chronic cough.

Jabe Hepburn (Bettye Kay’s grandson) – Prayers for him and the family.

VICKI RING (Elaine Miller’s sister-in-law) – Prayers for post-surgical healing.

CATHY JO – Prayers for her to know joy and peace, and to have healing from constant pain.

Rachel KIMBRELL, pAT dOORN and Evonne Kruis as they worship at home.

JORDAN (Pastor Mike & Donna’s grandson) – To be surrounded by a divine hedge of protection.

RUTH (Vi Squires’ friend) – Prayers for post-surgical healing.

Jean BAILEY – Healing from a fall.

CRAIG (Shauna Gipe’s Uncle) – Healing from cancer.

SHERRY (Shauna Gipe’s mother) – Recovery after heart attack.

MEXICO, TEXAS and FLORIDA – Prayers for those who have suffered from recent earthquakes and hurricanes, and all those that are working with and for those affected.

LAS VEGAS – Prayers for the victim’s and their families, all who witnessed the tragedy, and those that responded (and continue to respond) to help wounded bodies, minds, and souls.

JOESEPHINE (John & Lorraine Kapeller’s friend) – Fighting cancer

MARY (Vi Squire’s friend) – healing from cancer

FRANK (Gray Lehmann’s brother) – prayers for healing after heart surgery.


General Announcements:

In a week or so, members and regular’s will receive a stewardship letter asking for their financial commitments for 2018. We pray that you will be generous with your church. Consecration Sunday is November 12, at which time members will be asked to come forward and place their pledges in an offering plate.


  • The Calvin Seminary community invites us all to join students and faculty for worship every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00am. These mid-morning services last   about 20 minute and the is always a “donut” fellowship time after the Wednesday service.
  • We want to keep the Seminary in our prayers, especially those students who are coming to Calvin and looking for a new church home.Please pray for all the returning Seminarians here at Calvin. That God would bless them and lead them into faith communities of love, truth and support.
  • Let’s also rejoice with our newly appointed and elected Board of Deacons – Joyce VanderLaan, Elaine Miller, and Bettye Kay. They need your prayers and support as they embark on their new duties.

Brian Wahome’s Presentation on Christianity in Kenya:

Brian Wahome presented on the history of Christianity in Kenya after our June 25 service. Here is a link to the slides from his presentation.

On Sept 25, 2016 we began an adult education class led by Rev. Dr. Laura Smit on the Essential Tenets of the ECO Presbyterian Church. We met in the conference room right after the service for six weeks. We also had a coinciding sermon series the following Sunday.

If you missed any of the Essential Tenets series by Rev. Dr. Laura Smit, you may listen to any of them here: